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Are you tired of stressing over an accessory to compliment your dressing ? Lydore can help with that. We will send you our special handpicked fashion accessories and day to day products designed for you by Lydore every quarterly. Lydore uses your completed questionnaire to create a uniquely crafted surprise box for you .

We specialize in fashion accessories that will upgrade your look.

Become a member today by signing up for our quarterly subscription. 


  1. Sign up

Sign up to our quarterly plan and save huge on pricing with our extremely discounted products.  Answer the questionaire and proceed to check out to create an account.

  1. Personalized Account

After checkout, you will receive a confirmation email. A personalized account will be created for you where you can track your packages and update details.

  1. Check your mailbox

We will send you your Lydore box and a member discount code  will be included in the box to shop anytime on the website until you suspend or cancel your account.


What type of products will I receive?

The contents of the Lydore Gift Box varies every quarterly. But you can be rest assured that you are getting high quality items from Lydore. Some of the contents usually include; a tie, a watch, socks, underwear, cufflinks, flask, etc. Your Lydore box will contain at least 13 products each quarter.

When will I receive my first box?

As soon as your subscription is confirmed, we would send you a mail to notify you of your subscription and the date of shipment. All deliveries will be concluded within 3 weeks from the shipment date.

Can I get a box for a special occasion?

The Lydore box is very suitable for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding gifts. It’s a perfect gift for all occasion and they are perfect as gifts but only registered members can get a Lydore box every quarter.

How Do I Update My Shipping Address?

You can manage your shipping address on the my account page or you can contact us at account@lydorefashion.com

What Is Lydore Box? What Will I Receive?

The Lydore Box is a gift box that contains specially curated fashion products from Lydore. It is also a surprise box that will be delivered to your doorstep every 4 months as soon as you subscribe. Each box contains essential high quality fashion and lifestyle products.

Can I Customize My Box To Match My Preferences And Sizing Needs?

At this time , customization is not accepted, however we will follow your preferred preferences.

Can I Pause My Account?

You can pause your monthly plan anytime you wish. Please send all subscription suspension requests to (requests@lydorefashion.com) before your next billing date.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You can manage your Subscriptions on the my account page or you can contact us at account@lydorefashion.com to cancel


Complete Questionnaire

Begin by answering some questions to help understand your preferences, size and other information.

Choose the quarterly plan and checkout

Choose the quarterly plan, which means we will send your Lydore box every 4 months and pay the quarterly subscription fee.

Sit back and Enjoy your Amazing Products

Your shipment is on the way right away! New boxes would be sent each month.

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